Dead Men Don’t Order Flake

Cass is back for more in Dead Men Don’t Order Flake, published by the lovely Text.

I love the cover, designed by the talented W.H. Chong. He’s a maestro with the sauce!

DMDOF cover low res

Here’s a peek at the story:

Dead men don’t order flake. But that’s exactly what Leo Stone asked for the April afternoon he strolled in, his gladiator shoulders filling up my shop doorway.

‘Leo?’ I grabbed the glass counter for support.

Twenty-odd years ago we had a top-notch memorial service for Leo. Every one of Rusty Bore’s hundred and forty-seven residents made it.

‘Been a while, hey Cass?’

Cass Tuplin – owner-operator of Rusty Bore’s best (and only) takeaway, and celebrated (even if not entirely licensed) private investigator – has got a few too many problems involving dead people.

For starters, there’s Leo Stone, who’s turned up in her shop twenty years after his apparent death. And then there’s a call about an actual dead person. Natalie Kellett, local journalist, killed in a car crash. A crash her father, Gary, is convinced was no accident.

Is this the delusion of a grieving father or a deadly conspiracy to eliminate a nosy journalist? Cass intends to find out, of course. As soon as she’s dealt with a few matters raised by the reappearance of Leo Stone.

Here are some nice things people have said about Dead Men Don’t Order Flake (and bizarrely none of these people are my Mum or even anyone I know):

‘There’s a wry, satirical element to much of Williams’ humour…In the grand tradition of cosies, [Cass is] a woman underestimated at your peril…Fun and often charming crime fiction, thanks to its winning super-sleuth heroine.’ Saturday Paper

‘Williams captures small town Victoria with ease and her plot has enough twists and red herrings to keep it interesting. Fans of Murder With The Lotwill not be disappointed, and no doubt will be hoping for more of Cass Tuplin. An excellent sequel!’ BookMooch

‘Once again, Williams has created a small-town mystery with big repercussions…[Her] style is consistent across both Cass Tuplin mysteries, full of Cass’ humorous and irreverent take on life and its dramas, with Cass’ great one liners, smart observations and witty internal monologues adding to the entertainment factor of Dead Men Don’t Order Flake.’ Weekly Times

‘An enormously enjoyable and pacy novel set in a speck of a country town in rural Victoria, with a plucky amateur sleuth amid a quirky ensemble of townsfolk and family. Quintessentially Australian without being overcooked.’ Abbey’s Bookshop

‘[A] finely wrought and highly amusing crime novel…Williams has created a wonderful new series in the comedy crime genre. Dead Men Don’t Order Flake is a multilayered yarn that mines the rich ore of regional Australia and I can’t wait for the next Cass Tuplin adventure.‘ Australian

‘Williams has put together a recipe for madcap adventure the main ingredient an engaging female lead whose nosiness solves the mysteries of her tiny hometown.’ Adelaide Advertiser